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When is Enough, Enough? – EPA Seeks Comment on Post-Closure Care for Hazardous Waste Disposal Facilities Under RCRA

In 1980, as part of the implementation of statutes governing hazardous waste, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or Agency) required that owners and operators of disposal facilities containing hazardous waste provide active monitoring of their sites for 30 years following closure. At that time the 30-year duration likely seemed like an eternity (or as long as the Agency could push such a requirement). Fast forward nearly 35 years and the end of this 30 year milestone looms, but EPA has failed to identify the next step, making the milestone more of a regulatory cliff than an exit ramp. The Agency has the authority to extend post-closure requirements beyond the 30-year threshold but has not yet explicitly done so. For the universe of site owners and operators who have met the requirements set forth in closure regulations for nearing 30 years, this uncertainty raises significant concerns.

Posted on May 13, 2015 .